The Memphis Grizzlies

If anyone out there is actually a fan of the Griz Nation I apologize ahead of time, no wait, no I don’t, they are a let down.

The first round of NBA playoffs is here, and once again they are poised to be eliminated in the first round of the playoffs.  Other than last year when they made a decent run at it, almost every single year they have made it to the playoffs, they have been eliminated in the first round.

It seems like the Grizzlies continually put together a solid team, but clearly not a clutch team.  I don’t know if its just the pressure of the playoffs that makes them stop performing or other teams like the warriors or the spurs who are currently crushing them are just too good… San Antonio had their entire second string in for the fourth quarter in game 2, they were up by 30 points… That’s sad.  That is sad basketball.  It’s like putting a college team in the NBA playoffs.  It’s a snowballs chance in hell kinda thing.  Just my quick rant that Memphis needs to figure out how to be a legitimate contender, because they get there every year, and every year they pull a ROMO.