Nike is a beast of a corporation. Their ability to infiltrate and dominate fields are absolutely astonishing. At one point in sports history, Nike was a basketball company only, then slowly they took over football, baseball, and maybe their biggest conquering is ad a period where they dominated Golf. That may have been their biggest conquering I have seen. Challenged now really only by Under Armour and taking a small hit with the career collapse of Tiger Woods, they are still the monster player in sports, and one of my biggest questions is what industry will we see Nike try to take over next? What about sports supplements? Nike Protein? They could do it, and they would profit.

I must say I have always been a fan of Nike shoes. As a guy with larger than average feet that are particularly wide and in need of good arch support, shoe shopping becomes very difficult for me. Sometimes taking me hours to try things on and check different brands. Every once in a while I will find another brand where that model just seems to work, but on a whole it seems like Nikes are continually the greatest fitting shoes for me. The only brand that I buy the most other than Nike are Pumas, and Skechers for most of my work shoes as they definitely favor the wide foot, and I am a fan of the memory foam soles that now exist.



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Though Nike, Gatorade, and Wheaties helped soar Michael Jordan into one of the greatest known figures of the world. Nike almost single handedly got Tiger Woods to where he was at the top of his career. Don’t get me wrong, Im not saying these guys’s skill didn’t have anything to do with it, I mean that’s a given. They are two of the greatest athletes in their respective sports of all time, no argument. But Tiger’s own brand became so synonymous with that Nike swoosh logo, I mean it was everywhere….. And in every commercial. So much so that Tiger eventually created his own brand “TW” to go along side the swoosh. Balls, clubs, hats, towels, shirts, gold shoes, caddies…. everything was branded. And Nike continued to make him the front runner creating some of the greatest commercials that I have ever seen out of any sport.