Who doesn’t love football?  Not soccer, the American kind.  The good ole NFL.  Fast paced hard hitting, need some wings on the table and a beer in your hand football.  Peyton Manning finally announced his retirement thank goodness.  The man could be broken for life if he tried one more season, go out on top like anyone would love the chance to.  Don’t come back Peyton, don’t pull a Favre or a Jordan.  You can make plenty of money doing Papa John’s and Nationwide commercials and probably be an analyst on sportscenter or the NFL network, or maybe even fill in on the Fox panel.  Terry Bradshaw isn’t getting around that well anymore and he may soon need a replacement.

The skills of football players continue to improve, as science and vitamins help to continue to push athletes bodies to new heights of performance, their commanding presence on the field becomes more impactful and more fun to watch.  However, with every advance in physical prowess that the players take, it seems as though the Commissioner wants to institute yet another rule that is going to keep them down.  Preventing them from being able to utilize that skill to the fullest because of the ruling on the field.  People are scared for the health of the players, and want to avoid concussions.  Let me ask a dumb question…. how on earth is a running back supposed to push his way through a defensive line without being able to lower his head and drive his mass forward.  With his head up his center of gravity is too high and he is much easier to knock over.  They made the rule so people wouldn’t lower their helpmet to tackle others especially in the backfield, but it entirely incapacitates running backs and their effectiveness.  When was the last time we had two seasons in a row that were so tainted by referee decisions that could make or brake ball games over these new rules, don’t even get me started on the replacement ref debacle.  How about catches.  You remember the good old days when you could make a diving one handed catch?  It was exciting right?  Not anymore, he doesn’t have full control of the ball before he touches the ground.  You wont see anymore catches like that on Sportscenter’s top 10 because all of those once catches are now all ruled as incomplete, because the ball wasn’t at your chest with two hands on it.   How much more precise can these quarter backs get for crying out loud.

I say let them play ball.  Let them break each other, paralyze each other, whatever they want to do to move the football down the line.  Football is not meant to be a civilized game, for a long time it was close as we had to Gladiators in the Colloseum.  These rules, in this guys opinion, are choking the life out of the sport and if they continue on modifying season after season, then football will become more boring like baseball.