Golf, the gentlemen’s game. Not so much anymore. Golf is no longer the sport that your grandfather grew up understanding. It’s as cut throat of a sport as any other these days and can cause just as much excitement. People come out by the droves to watch these guys, galleries are load and exciting, there are younger better players every day and the competition level is through the roof tense right now. We are getting to see the evolution of the greatest golf shots ever played due to technology advances in skills, balls, and clubs. It is a fun time in the future history of the sport to be a fan. If you are not you should check it out. You say “i don’t like it, it’s so boring”.I agree sometimes it can be, but I believe the more you play it yourself and try to understand it the more what you watch on tv begins to make sense. Then you can understand the chess game that’s unfolding before your eyes. Take my boy Sergio for example:

The face, the attitude, the style, and the game of golf has evolved, unlike other sports that have not evolved positively I think Golf is better today than it ever has been. It’s a great time to be a fan.