Basketball part 2

Ok, now you know my basketball history which leads me in to my rant about the current state of the NBA.  I know that there is a certain nostalgia that goes along with growing up om a certain time period.  Those who grew up with certain sports heroes will always appreciate that particular era of sports.  Those that grew up in a certain generation of music will always have a soft spot for that kind of music. I’m not sure why that is other than a growing up memory factor that we tend to cherish things that remind us of our youth.  All that to say that I may be biased in my assessment of the NBA dues to this, but it is how I feel.

I believe I grew up in the greatest era of basketball that ever.  I know, maybe its a little biased like I said before, but I really honestly believe I have not seen the same level of skill, or sportsmanship, of competition, of teamwork, and of defense since the early 90s.  1985 to 1997 was the best 12 years in basketball history.  Every team had multiple all start caliber players, I mean every team.  Everyone played defense, a missing skillset in today’s game.  Everyone had hustle, guys hit the floor left and right fighting for that ball, for the foul, for the single point.  Remember when guys followed their shot and went after their own rebound?  That’s like basketball 101 when you are a kid.  But you don’t see pros do it any longer.  Remember when the refs called traveling and you actually had to have dribbling skills because you could really only take 2 and a half steps to get to the basket?  3 seconds in the key?  There was an as art, and a competitiveness, and a grace to the game that in this guys opinion, just doesn’t exist in today’s game.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to take away from the skills of today’s players, but I believe I would enjoy it more if I felt it was more of a team game like it once was, like it was meant to be played.  But then again, maybe I just miss the days of old.  I don’t think it will ever get much better than watching these 3…..

basketball 1

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